Perjury is defined as deliberately giving false information under oath. More on this offense is presented here . But when it comes to the punishment for perjury offense in CA, the law imposes it as a felony. This means that the defendant faces:

  1. felony probation with up to one year in a county jail; or
  2. two, three or four years in California State Prison.


If you have been convicted of such offense in California, you are better to go to the legal firm and organize a case consultation with a criminal defense attorney. The attorney can study your case and work out a strategy which will work for you the best. Below are some of those strategies that can be applied on your behalf:

  1. your false statement wasn’t made deliberately- this means that at the time you made your statement you didn’t know that it was false;
  2. you misunderstood the question- if you misunderstood the question or inquiry, which made you give false statements, you cannot be guilty of perjury;
  3. at the time you were giving false statement, you wasn’t under oath;
  4. the false statement was related to a minor fact rather than a significant issue. 

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