How to Seal Your Juvenile Records

sealing juvenile record

It can happen that everyone makes a mistake. It is regrettable when a young man makes a wrong step and it stops the person’s career developments for years. We all know that it is almost impossible to find a good job or to be treated as other applicants in all the institutions requiring information about prior convictions. If the record has been expunged, the person is allowed to say that he/she has never been arrested or convicted. California Law permits to expunge convictions which were set while a person was under 18.

Depending on the Court location, the conviction can be whether destroyed or sealed and, consequently, become not available to the public.

Expungement is the best investment that you can do for your future if you have committed a crime in the past by mistake. It will reimburse you its price for your whole life.

First of all, you have to decide your eligibility to the expungement of your criminal record. You should correspond to the following characteristics:

  • You are 18 years or older now OR there are 5 years that the jurisdiction of juvenile court has ended;
  • There was no crime conviction which included moral turpitude( immoral behavior);
  • The court should persuaded that you rehabilitated;
  • Convicted must not serve a sentence for any offense, be on probation for any offense, or be charged with the commission of any offense.

Sealing Juvenile Court record takes from nine months to one year. You should attend a court hearing. After it, the Court publishes the court decision. It will be mailed to you. In case of a negative decision, it is also possible to contact the court clerk to determine whether there are some circumstances for the denial which can be corrected in short terms. If yes, you should resubmit all your papers to the court again. The process will be the same.

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