How Long Does an Expungement Take

how long expungement takesIn general, your expungement proceeding can take from 90 to 120 days. However, some old cases or in certain courts this time can be longer and it can last up to six months, or even sometimes longer.

There are certain circumstances which affect the case. Depending on the situation, the length of time which is indispensable for the case resolution can grow up. It is always required to take into consideration the following circumstances of your case:

  • Whether the case is a felony or a misdemeanor
  • Whether the Court demands a probation report prior to the Court hearing
  • Whether the case is in the current computer system at the courthouse or not
  • Whether the case is complicated or simple
  • And so on.

Less old cases process faster than other ones. In general, cases less 10 years old are physically at courthouses in California. Moreover, there are electronic dockets which allow to have instant access to the case.

Old cases (more than 10years old) are placed in the special archives. In consequence, it makes complicated the access and it can take up to a couple of months to get the case.

Thus, each case is unique and can take different time to get expunged. Nonetheless, our attorneys are ready to start your case as fast as possible and get the best possible outcome for you.

The Margarian Law Firm aggressively protects the rights of criminal defendants in California. We are a client-centered professional expungement law firm, not a mass-market expungement mill. When our law firm accepts your California criminal case, you can put your mind at ease. We handle every aspect of your case, from the very start through the very last court hearing, all for a flat fee agreed upon before we begin.

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