Grand Theft Firearms: California Penal Code §487(d)(2)

california grand theft firearm

According to California Penal Code §487(d)(2), all thefts with any firearm are qualified as “grand thefts”. Regardless to all circumstances, it is charged to be as a felony. Grand theft firearm is committed when the property taken is a firearm. The case theft of a firearm is an exception from the California theft law where regardless to the value of a good, we automatically qualify it as a grand theft firearm (also known as “GTF”).

According to California’s Three Strike Law, Grand Theft Firearm is automatically considered to be a strike.

The main criminal element of this crime is the intent to deprive the owner of their firearm. In case of the absence of this intent, a person cannot be convicted of this offense.

If a person is accused of GTF as a felony, he may face up to three years in California State Prison as well payback and restitution.

Under the California Three Strikes Law, any person who has been convicted of two or more prior strikes will be punished by a life term sentence if he or she commits a third felony. TSL imposes harsher sentences on offenders who are convicted of three or more violent crimes or serious felonies.

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