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What to do if you are being accused of a federal crime in California? The Law Office of Hovanes Margarian aggressively protects the rights of criminal defendants in California. There are always defenses that can help you avoid penalties.
Below, The Margarian Law Firm will introduce you what the federal crime means. Moreover, in the resources of our site you can find detailed information about different kind of Federal Crimes in USA.

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What is a Federal Crime?
If a person violates laws of United States Criminal Code, it is considered that it has been committed a federal crime. Unlike other crimes (county or state laws), the defendant will be tried at a federal court.
What Types of Federal Crimes Exist?
The crime is deemd to be federal in the following cases:
– The crime has took place in different states of the USA,
– The accused used certain communication devices while he was completing allegedly fraud charged as federal crime,
– Taking into consideration that a lot of federal crimes are white-collar crimes, in consequence, it is probable that a person who commits a white-collar crime is a federal offender. For example, the following white-collar crimes are considered to be federal crimes:
1) Bankruptcy Fraud,
2) Computer Hacking,
3) Wire Fraud,
4) Security Fraud,
5) Tax fraud,
6) Etc.
– Crimes involving federal property(national parks, federal building, etc.). If the crime is committed on federal property, the accused will face federal prosecution.
– Federal Criminal Acts like drug possession for sale, terrorism, or firearm crimes.

What is Point System?
The charge with a federal crime derives from a point system. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, specific circumstances of the case( amount of money involved, age of the offender, weapon used while the crime was committed, social stability of the perpetrator), it is decided whether the crime is state or federal.
What Kind of Penalties Can I Face for Committing a Federal Crime?
The most important thing to understand is the requirement to be sentenced to a federal prison. The level of security differs from county prison security levels. Thus, it is crucial that your attorney try to get you into a prison where the security level is minimum.
Additionally, there is no parole in federal prison, however, the convicted can be early released only on the basis of “good behavior”. Thus, one of the best possible outcomes for a person guilty of a federal crime is to be moved to a local prison where there is a possibility to be released even earlier and the level of security is lesser.
Have you been charged with a federal crime in California?
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