false confession in california


A false confession is considered to be an admission of guilt while the confessor has not committed that crime. It can be induced in certain ways:

–        Coercion;

–        By mental disorder;

–        Incompetency of accused.


It is essential to discover the causes why false confessions take place. The law enforcement agencies use all possible ways to collect information about the crime. In other words, they even try to obtain confession during interrogations in order to find the offender as soon as possible.  False confession cases always result from the way that an interrogation has taken place.  The purpose of an interrogation is for law enforcement to collect information or obtain a confession and admission of guilt.   One of the most used methods of interrogation is “Reid Technique.” Firstly, a person is asked non-accusatory questions, and then law enforcement agents start asking more concrete questions about the facts of the offense that the offender would have probably known. If their suspensions confirm, they try to make a person admit the guilt. In some cases, they succeed in it but it is not always that they make right conclusions about involving of a person in the crime. The practice knows various cases while even after 10 of imprisonment, convicted persons succeeded in proving that the fact of being found guilty was a mistake.

There are some factors that make the coercion of the evidence easier for law enforcement agencies. Such factors as age, vulnerability, social status, mental illness, low IQ, long questioning increase the possibility to admit the guilt even if suspected has not committed the crime


The most common measures to influence on a person to persuade him to make confession (even false) are:

–        Continuing interrogation of a person even after asking for a lawyer;

–        Depriving of sleep, food etc.

–        Threatening a person;

–        Beating the suspected;

–        Etc.


The studies have shown that even absolutely innocent persons admit their guilt after such measures of confession. However, it may be possible to prove that the confession was false and get positive outcome of your case. Thus, if it has been shown that your confession was coerced, the judge may:

–        Exclude the confession from evidence;

–        Dismiss the case.


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