How to Expunge a DUI in California

expungue  dui in californiaDriving a vehicle under the influence (DUI) is one of the most serious and common traffic violations on the road. DUI is one of the most common charges applying in the state of California. In consequence, you can have a lot of problems until you expunge it.

If you get the expungement, the law enforcement agencies, in their turn, are required by law to keep all records private. Nonetheless, even in this case prior convictions can be revealed if a new crime is committed.

DUI expungement would allow to dismiss of your case, answer that you have not any prior convictions, get easier some job licenses and certificates, restore the opportunity to get student loan eligibility after a drug conviction.

Thus, if you want to obtain a DUI expungement it is required to complete the following steps:


  1. Get a copy of the criminal record. There is some information which will be required to make clear whether it is possible or not to get the criminal record expunged.
  2. Basing on the information obtained from the criminal record copies, it has to be precised by your attorney whether it is possible or not to get an expungement. Also it should be noted that it is forbidden to expunge persons who have not paid their all fines and restitutions stated by the court.We can add into this list persons who have been accused of a crime or are on probation for any other crime as well.
  3. Complete and file the forms necessary for the expungement.
  4. Attend a court hearing. Dress neat and clean. Do not bring your pocket knife or anything else that can be considered a weapon at home.
  5. Publishing the court decision. It will be mailed to you. In case of a negative decision, it is also possible to contact the court clerk to find out whether there are some circumstances determining the denial which can be corrected in short terms. If yes, you should resubmit all papers to the court again using the same process. If the judge decides to expunge your conviction, a court order will be issued.


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