Conditions for Application of an Expungement

expungement conditions in california

Expungement is a court process that gives an opportunity to clear references to a prior criminal conviction and the court file sealed. Generally saying, it means that after expungement a person has never been convicted of a crime.

In order to be eligible for California expungement, a person has to meet certain eligibility criteria. Under California’s Penal Code person looking for an expungement must correspond to the following requirements:

  • He/she was convicted for a misdemeanor or felony
  • Probation was granted
  • The full duration of probation has been completed as well as terms and conditions of the probation have not been violated or probation was discharged prior to its termination
  • There is no other sentence for any offence
  • There is no currently charge of any offence
  • All restitutions and fines stated by court have been paid.

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