Clearing and Recalling Warrants in California

arrest warranty and bench warranty in california


Have you been arrested on an outstanding warrant? It is useless to try to dodge or evade a warrant because it can lead to even more negative consequences. It is always better to go to the court with your legal representative and try to defend your rights instead of becoming a fugitive.
The Margarian Law Firm aggressively protects the rights of criminal defendants in California. We are a client-centered professional law firm. When our law firm accepts your California criminal case, you can put your mind at ease. We handle every aspect of your case, from the very start through the very last court hearing, all for a flat fee agreed upon before we begin. We have rich experience to help you to recall and clear you arrest warrant in California.
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Below, we will introduce you the main elements of the California arrest warrant and bench warrant laws. Additionally, in the resources of our site you can find detailed information about different kind of services providing by our Law Firm in order to protect the rights of criminal defendants in California.

What is a California Arrest Warrant?
An arrest is taking a person into custody, in a case and in the manner authorized by law. An arrest may be made by a peace officer or by a private person. Arrest warrant is a document which allows law enforcement officers to arrest and detain a person who is suspected of committing a crime. California Penal Code 813 PC states that an arrest warrant must be issued by a judge based on the following facts:
– There is a shown probable cause which can prove that the individual in question committed the crime, i.e., testimonies of a law enforcement agent or a by any other substantive evidence,
– Grand jury indictment.

Typically, an arrest warrant must contain the following information in order to be valid:
– The name of the defendant.
– The date and time of the issuance,
– The city or county of issuance,
– The signature and the title of the person, who is issuing the warrant,
– The offense which the defendant is accused of committing,
– The time and place at which the defendant is to appear.

If a defendant has been properly served with a summons and fails to appear at the mentioned time and place, a bench warrant for arrest can be issued. However, it should be taken into consideration that at the time of issuing a warrant of arrest, the judge fixes the amount of bail which the defendant may pay in order to release until court hearing.

If you need a criminal attorney in order to beat your arrest warranty and get the best possible outcome for you in case of issued arrest warrant or a bench warrant, please contact us now. The Margarian Law Firm provides its clients with direct which allows us to easily obtain dismiss or reduction of the charges. Additionally, we provide a flat fee agreed upon before we begin. Feel free to contact us for a motion for a new trial!
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