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In California, if the act of a sexual nature is illegal, it is considered to be a sex crime. All sex crimes are different and they have own specific circumstances which influence on the incrimination of the acts. Sex offenders’ punishment varies depending on the committed crime as well as criminal history of the convicted. Below, we will introduce you the main elements of the California Sex Crimes.

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1. Definition of Sex Crime under California Law
2. The Most Serious Sex Crimes Under California Law
3. Legal Defenses to California Sex Crimes
4. Requirements to California Sex Offenders
5. Punishment for Violating California Sex Crimes Laws
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1. What is a Sex Crime under California Law?
Generally, numerous illegal and coerced sexual conducts against another person involve a sex crime under California law. Most probably, if the defendant is convicted of a sex crime, he or she will be imprisoned as well as there is a requirement to register as a sex offender for the rest of his or her life.
Nowadays, offenders committing California Sex Crimes may face harsh penalties. Moreover, these individuals risk losing their job and friends. It should be noted that due to Megan’s List, California sex offenders must mandatory be placed on the internet resources in order to give anyone possibility to get to know who they are.

2. The Most Serious Sex Crimes Under California Law
California Penal Code sets forth various sex crimes. The most common examples of sex crimes among them are the following:

a) Rape
Sexual intercourse through the use of force or fear, coercion and/or violence without the consent of the other party is considered to be rape. Rape is considered to be a “wobbler” crime. It means that the rape can be charged whether as a felony or a misdemeanor.
We differ certain types of rape:
Statutory rape. It means that the victim (a female or a male) of the illegal act is less than 18 years old, but older than 14 years old.
– Date Rape. Forcible sexual intercourse by a male acquaintance during a voluntary dating when the woman did not have any intent to have sex with the offender. Often, the victim can become unable to resist the offender because of: date rape” type of drugs( California Penal Code Section 261(a)(3) PC).
– Spousal rape( Penal Code Section 262 (a)(1) PC). This type of rape occur while the wife did not intent to have sexual intercourse with the husband, nonetheless, using unlawful measures he forced her to make love him.

b) Sexual battery
Touching of intimate part of another person who is restrained of the possibility to resist is considered to be the crime of sexual battery under California law. The convicted can face the following penalties:
– Imprisonment from one (1) year in jail up to four (4) years in state prison;
– A fine of $10.000;
– Both of them.

c) Oral copulation, sodomy or penetration by a foreign object
The incrimination of the crimes of oral copulation, sodomy or penetration by a foreign object depends on the victim’s and offender’s ages. Depending on these circumstances, the crime can be charged whether as a misdemeanor or a felony.

d) Internet pornography
Nowadays, computers and internet are involved in crimes more and more. California law states that sexual exploitation of person less 18 years older in order to distribute and exchange images, Another area of sex crimes involves the use of computers and the internet. It is considered sexual exploitation of a child to exchange or distribute images on a computer of a child, less than 18 years old, engaged in sexual conduct.

3. Legal Defenses to California Sex Crimes
It may happen that completely innocent people are accused of a sex crime. Your defense attorney can use numerous legal defenses in order to get the best possible results for you. Below, you can find some of them.

False accusations
Plea bargain and dismissals
California Entrapment
– Etc.

4. Requirements to California Sex Offenders
There is a requirement for California sex offenders to register in the Megan’s list. Such measure gives a possibility to identify them as a sexual predator and quickly locate them. However, it creates a lot of troubles for them, for example, difficulties to find a job, to find new friends, to take some educational advantages, etc.

5. Punishment for Violating California Sex Crimes Laws
Convicted of California sex crimes can face various penalties, including:
– Imprisonment or jail time;
– A record in offender’s criminal history;
– Summary probation or parole;
– Fines;
– Registration in the Megan’s list for lifetime;
– Victim restitution.

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