California Felony Expungement

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A felony is a crime that is punishable with death, by imprisonment in the state prison, or notwithstanding any other provision of law, by imprisonment in a county jail.

If you have fulfilled the conditions of your probation for the entire period, or been discharged prior to the termination of your probation, you get the right to seek a reduction of the felony conviction to a misdemeanor and the right to withdraw a plea of guilty or a plea of nolo contendere and enter a plea of not guilty. Moreover, the Court, in its discretion, can dismiss the charges against you by entering a plea of non guilty in the interest of justice even if the jury found you guilty after your plea of non guilty.

If you have succeeded in reducing a felony conviction to a misdemeanor, it is possible to complete a next step: file a petition to expunge a misdemeanor.

The reducing allows to say that the person has never been arrested or convicted of a felony. However, it is stated that in some cases the applicant should mention that he/she has prior arrests or convictions while the job application refers to a law enforcement agencies.

YOU should remember that if you commit a felony, the victims get a right to sue you for damages which last 10 years after you discharge from parole.

Moreover, felony expungement does not affect a strike and it will rest in your criminal history. If the person is convicted of a serious felony or a violent felony, a strike will be counted regardless of any expungement.

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