What is California Expungement Law?

what is expungement?

Expungement, is the process in which criminal records of an individual are sealed through a court process. This means that an individual can have a fresh start and a clean record as if the crime never even happened.

Since a record of an arrest and conviction can follow individuals for the rest of their lives, it is important to give some a second chance and the opportunity for change. Expungement is that tool which allows convicted individuals to clean their criminal records and apply to jobs as a new person.

If an expungement is successful, no one will be able to see your criminal record even if they decide to check it. 

On the other hand, for government or law enforcement jobs, it is required that you inform your employer about your prior arrests. Jobs which may require one to reveal all information are, but not limited to: Correction departments in state, county, and local, courts, and police force.

You should remember that even if the criminal record is expunged:
a) State agencies can still look at the record.
b) The sealed record will be used against you in case of a new conviction.

If you have been convicted and would like to have a fresh start, you should get your criminal record expunged. Our attorneys at The Margarian Law Firm are here to provide legal assistance and ensure proper due process is followed each step of the way. Call (818) 553-1000 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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