California Drug Possession Penalties

california drug possession laws

A person convicted of drug possession may face different penalties. Simple drug possession sentences are the lightest; meanwhile persons with the intent to distribute drugs or manufacture drugs will be subjected to much heavier penalties. However, the prosecutor can also offer plea deals in order to find crime leaders; in consequence, the penalty will not be severe towards lower-level offenders who cooperated with law enforcement agencies.
In the table below, we will represent main penalties for “simple” drug possession and drug possession for sale in order to make it clear the differences between charges for the crimes.

Penalties for “Simple” Drug Possession Penalties for Drug Possession for Sale
  • However, drug possession can be a “wobbler”, if the drugs possessed are included in a small group of depressants. The incrimination depends on the criminal history of the person as well as specific circumstances of the offense
  • If a person charged with a misdemeanor, he or she can face
    a) up to one year in a county jail
    b) a fine of $1,000-If a person is convicted of drug possession as a felony, he may face sentencing up to a year county jail
  • If a person is convicted of drug possession for sale as a felony, he may face sentencing up to a year county jail, or by two (2), three (3) or four (4) years in the California state prison and a maximum $20,000 fine.
  • If a person is convicted of this crime and the controlled substance is heroin, cocaine base or cocaine, it means he or she will face an additional sentencing from three (3) to twenty-five (25) years depending on the weight of narcotics.

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