California Drug Diversion Programs

There are different drug diversion programs in California. They give an opportunity to nonviolent offenders to face treatment and education programs instead of jail time and a criminal record.

In the category of California Drug Diversion Programs our attorneys will explain how to profit from the following possibilities of drug diversion:

In order to be eligible for DEJ, the defendant should plead guilty as well as get the agreement of the prosecutor to benefit from the program of drug treatment. It is essential that only crimes referring “simple” drug possession for personal use can be considered as eligible for DEJ.

Proposition 36 is the one program which is mandatory in California. Unlike other drug diversion programs, it requires that all eligible persons must benefit from it.

Drug Court program is more similar to DEJ and it can result in a successful dismissal of your charge. The difference is that the defendant is not obliged to plead guilty to the commission of the alleged crime in order to participate in a drug treatment program. After having completed it, your criminal proceeding will be suspended.

It should be taken into consideration if the person fails the program, the charges will be reinstated and the proceeding will be continued from the point where it stopped.

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